Welcome to Jersey Dogs!

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Vintage Kid Eating Hot DogPeople always ask, “What do you miss most about Jersey?” The answer is pretty simple – The 3 F’s (Relax – this site is G Rated!) … Family, Friends and FOOD!

With that in mind, we were determined to bring one of the most distinctive tastes and scents of NJ (besides the air freshener inside a Camaro and the aroma of the NJ Turnpike) to California! It starts, of course, with our Sabrett natural casing 100% all beef hot dogs. These are, without a doubt, the best tasting hot dogs there are and possess the ever-elusive SNAP when you bite into them!

Once we’ve secured the Signature “dog,” we worked diligently in assuring that we provided the ideal toppings. Whether it’s the authentic Red Onion Sauce or Sauerkraut or our signature Spicy Horseradish Relish, we’ve got you – and your dawg – covered!

Jersey Dogs is available to cater Special Events, Fundraisers, Birthday Parties, Team Parties and whatever else you can think of! So, make sure your phone’s not being tapped and give us a call. Jersey Dogs? Fuhgeddaboudit!