About The Owners


Scott and Erin are the perfect combination of warmth and hospitality, humor and sarcasm (you figure out who has which attributes)! Throw in 2 kids that compete to see who will serve the next drink and bag of chips and you’ve got Jersey Dogs – a true Family Affair! (Without Buffy or Mr French)

Raised in the Heart of Dixie, Atlanta Native Erin brings you the service and a smile that you’d expect to find at a local Waffle House. With an occasional “Y’all” and her generous servings of toppings, Erin’s committed to making sure that everyone receives premium (italics) service with a smile. Her attention to detail is unparalleled (just try to explain to her why she shouldn’t be at an event an hour early) as she’s committed to making every event a resounding success!

The “Yang” to Erin’s “Ying” is her husband, Scott. A East-Coaster (raised in NY and NJ), Scott is not above giving someone a crooked look if they order ketchup on their hot dog or as he explains it, “If you’re over 15, you have no business putting ketchup on a hot dog!” If you’re up for talking some sports Scott can offer 573 reasons why the NY Giants, Yankees and Rangers are his teams … and should be yours too!

Making the family complete are Skyler and Ethan – brothers with a never ending love-hate relationship. (They Love to Argue and Hate to be told to, “Stop!”) All kidding aside, the boys are a tremendous help to the business and – void of any sport conflicts – can often be found manning the cart!

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